Friday, September 05, 2008

Club Watt, World's First Sustainable Dance Club - Live opening


A milestone towards a more sustainable future was accomplished yesterday evening in Rotterdam when Club Watt opened its doors to the public.

From idea...
It took three years to turn an innovative concept to reality. In 2005, Enviu -Innovators in Sustainability and architect studio Döll Lab partnered to answer the question; how would a sustainable dance club look like? Back then, this was merely an exercice to explore the potential to green the clubbing scene, in which I was invited to be part of.

Check the video interview to Stef van Dongen (Enviu), Michel Smit (SDC), & Ted Langenbach (Watt) over the history behind the Sustainable Dance Club

By October 2006, the concept was mature enough to be publicly presented at Rotterdam club Off_Corso under the title The Critical Mass (video). Reaction from media, club owners, and the general public was extraordinary and brought it to next stage when it appeared very clear to everyone that a market for a dance club that turns environmental efficiency into part of the clubbig experience existed. The final concept is a comprehensive one combining technical solutions and managerial practices that when applied could largely improve the environmental performance of a club while adding value to the overall experience.
As result, the concept turned into a company named Sustainable Dance Club (SDC) which offers solutions to club owners that lead to a reduction in relation to comparable clubs of:
  • 30% energy consumption
  • 50% water
  • 50% refuse generated
  • 30% CO2 emissions realisation
Yesterday, Club Watt was the first one to take on board the collection of solutions and managerial approach and show to everyone that sustainability in Rotterdam means planet, people, & party.

In a world premiere ;-) I broadcasted live the unveiling of this new venue. You can follow the tour given to the press, and have a first-hand experience of the well-known Sustainable Dance Floor (video) by Studio Roosegaarde at the following videos (love my N95 running Qik!). Next week will upload a video covering the opening.

Unveiling of the Sustainable Dance Floor by Michel Smit & Daan Roosegaarde

Watt's Creative Director Ted Langenbach on the club's program

More about the Sustainable Dance Club
Thanks to Jeanette & Lotte from Club Watt, and Vera from SDC for the support provided during the opening.

Disclaimer: since January 2008 I am a part-time business developer for Enviu - Innovators in Sustainability