Sunday, September 06, 2009

Aalto University Design Factory Review


Aalto University Design Factory from Oriol Pascual on Vimeo.

During my visit to Finland, I had the chance to visit the Design Factory from Aalto University; a passion-based co-creation platform. There, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs work together to create design solutions taking a user-centered approach.

The place is just great. A mix of energetic and curious people on a context that provides all required tools for making things happen. I'd recommend you to check this post from Niti Bhan on her impressions on working at Design Factory .

I spent an afternoon with two of the people powering the Design Factory machinery; Jussi Hannula (project manager) and Esa Santamäki (Spatial Designer). In this video they tell us what is Design Factory, about their roles, the people working there, and were is Design Factory going.

In a previous post, we spoke with one of the startups at Design Factory; PowerKiss.