Friday, August 01, 2008

How to Prepare Rom Cremat


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On July 16th, the Spanish coastal towns celebrate Virgin Carme festivity. In This video is shown the celebration at Port d'Aiguadolç, Sitges (Barcelona)

This virgin is in charge of protecting fishermen and sailors from the harshness of the sea. Traditionally, a fishermen boat will be selected to carry the figure of Virgin Carme on a parade followed by other fishermen boats. The celebration continues at the harbor where "rom cremat" is served and "habaneres" (sailor songs) are performed.

How to prepare a Rom Cremat

This is a form of drinking rom typical for any mediterranean fishermen related celebration. To a large heat-resistant bowl (CAUTION; it gets hot) add the rom, orange peel, sugar, cinnamon stick, and some roasted coffee beans. Fire it up and let (some) of the alcohol consume by steering and pouring. Stop the fire by momentarily covering the bowl (i.e. with a plate)

Cood it down, serve, enjoy it!