Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Introducing Myself


Hi, I'm Oriol Pascual and I'd like to dialogue with you about an issue of my interest; green product design management. On recent years I've got my degrees, did the apprentice on a lab, work as consultant, pursue a PhD, set Onsustain.com - a platform for the promotion of sustainable design, and edit the Sustainable Rotterdam blog.

During this trip along sustainability I've been collecting experiences with industry, academia, consultancy, designers, policy makers, trend-setters, believers and geeks. Surprisingly, I won't label myself as any of the above mentioned, but at the same time I'm made of bits from all of them, which probably that's why I'm sitting here today starting this blog.

A first observation would be that although the above mentioned characters may have in common some sort of relationship with sustainability issues, they all perceive it differently. In the upcoming posts we'll review the different dimensions of sustainability in products and what does it mean green product design and business management. So, stay tuned!

BTW, if you want to leave me a voice message,do it by clicking here or the "Send me and Odeo" button at the menu. I'll be glad to comment on them.

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