Sunday, September 23, 2007

Barcelona Experience Tour


Onsustain (my business alter ego) has been producing, together with YoungUrbans & MindMovers, an Experience Tour in Barcelona for a group of fifteen Dutch marketing creatives and media buyers. The tour combines presentations around communication and creativity, with an intense city experience.

Check the pictures by Ruud Tompot (MindMovers)

Jaume Martinez - Mecanica
Petz Scholtus - Treehugger
Diego Aldanell - Sofa Experience
Alex Murray-Leslie - Chicks on Speed
Alfons Cornella - Infonomia

City Experiences at
Boqueria Market
Estudio Mariscal
Palau Moxo

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0 Promo #2 featuring Stef van Dongen from Enviu, Jamie van Lede from Origins, and Patrick Kruithof from The Moment Company. Recorded at CC Expresso Bar, Rotterdam (NL)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Powered by Sun


Watch the video

Prof. Horak from Ostrava Technical University is organizing for seven years now the so called Solar Race Program. Secondary school students are invited to develop alternative energy powered models (solar & hydrogen)
Podsafe Music: Salvation by Steffen Coonan
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ecodesign in Ostrava


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For a period of two weeks, I'm lecturing Ecodesing in Ostrava Technical University with Prof. Ab Stevels. This video shows a glimpse of the so called Disassembly Session where students take real products, analyze them from an environmental perspective and re/design them. It's lots of fun and great learning experience.